Upward Sunday Reminders


We are so glad you are planning to be with us this Sunday, February 16 @ Upward Sunday. I wanted to make you aware of a couple of things before your visit.
  • First, the service begins at 9:30am.
  • Second, there is no dress code, so come as you feel most comfortable. Some people dress up and others don’t.
  • Third, If your Upward player is 5th grade and down, they are going to have a blast in Kid’s Church/Sunday Classes at 9:30am. All you need to do is get them checked in, which you do before you enter the sanctuary.
  • Fourth, If your child is 5th grade and down, please make sure to come in at the Orange Kid’s Ministry Check-in sign (You can’t miss it, it will be pointing to two white double doors where the Kid’s entrance is at). To see a picture of the sign, tap here.
  • Fifth, someone will be in the entrance ready to help you get your child checked in.
  • Sixth, if you have a middle school student, he or she will be attending the worship service with you. You can enter at the Kid’s entrance or you can simply enter at the front of the sanctuary (follow the in the parking lot signs for the worship center entrance).
  • Seventh and Finally, lunch will be at 11am in the Family Life Center where the ball games take place!

If you have any questions before your visit, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are looking forward to having you and your family!