We have exciting news for this year’s Upward program. Our program has 310 kids registered to play and cheer this season, and we are excited about what is going to take place. With that being said, we wanted to introduce a new thing we are going to try this year for our Upward program. With 310 kids involved in our program that means you and I have a huge opportunity for ministry and gospel proclamation. While we understand that not everyone can physically volunteer on an Upward Saturday or throughout the week, we do know that all of us can be involved in the ministry of prayer and hospitality for Upward this year. Therefore, because of these opportunities and because we believe Jesus Christ can use this ministry to change lives, we are launching a prayer initiative for our Upward program called Pray for a Player.
What this means is that we are asking all of our members, whether you are involved in Upward or not, to step up and volunteer in the prayer initiative this season. You will be able to this in two ways:
1. Commit to pray for Upward this year: The first way The way you do that is by first committing to pray for Upward this year. Pray is the most powerful thing we can do this year for our Upward program. We can pray families come to know Jesus, families are strengthened, and more people begin to attend Lebanon as a result of the program. 
2. Adopt a family: we are encouraging you to adopt at least one player and his or her family during this year’s season. How are you going to do that? Over the next two Sunday mornings, we will have two stations set up for you to visit so that you can adopt a family this year in Upward. One station will be located in the Kid’s Hallway and the other will be located in the lobby of the worship center. 
We will give you a form with the child’s basic information on it as well as the parents contact information. It will then be your job to regularly pray for the child and his or her family throughout season as well as contact them at least twice during January and February. We are also encouraging you to send a letter in the mail to the child with a $5 gift card in it to Krispy Kreme, McDonald’s or some other place he or she can get a sweet treat from you. Through this initiative, we are asking that you will also take the time to invite the family to Lebanon Baptist Church if they are not already attending a church.The form you receive when you sign up for this prayer initiative will indicate whether or not the family attends church so you can be informed.
We hope that you will consider joining this initiative in reaching our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I cannot think of a better way to invest your time then in prayer and gospel proclamation to the lost in our community. We hope you and your family will considering joining this prayer initiative this season.
For His Glory Alone, 
Pastor Nick
Kid’s and Outreach Pastor