Thank you for your interest in utilizing our facility at Lebanon Baptist Church. In order to complete this process, you will be asked to complete three forms in order to secure your request to use our facility. All requests must be submitted at least 48 hours before your event. If you are planning an event that does not regularly occur, there is no fee to use our facility. However, we do reserve the right to charge a $50 refundable deposit for certain events that take place. For details on this fee, see the explanation below. If you are looking to use our facility on regular basis for sporting events, trainings, etc., please contact Nick Decker at nickdecker@lbcnow.org. 
Form Completion
The first form you will complete is a request form. This will allow our team to view your requested times, dates, and materials needed for this event. Before you complete the second and third form, the first form must be approved by our team. This form must be submitted online at the link below. You are also welcome to stop by the church office any time between Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm and complete the form with our secretary. Once complete, you will receive an email from our office that will either confirm or deny your request.
If you receive approval, you will then be notified to complete the other two forms, which must be done by way of hard copy. You can view and download the form at the link below. However, both forms must be printed off (or you can pick them up at the church office) and returned to the church office before the day of your event. 
Refundable Deposit
Due to the amount of requests and the need to keep up the cleanliness of our facilities, we do ask that any individuals  requesting to use our facility submit a refundable $50 deposit. This will be refunded to once your event is complete and checked to see if all policies were followed, which can be viewed below at the link provided under the facility usage policy. This deposit is not required of any life group, ministry, faith group, or community organization looking to hold an event at our facility. This is only required of individuals seeking to use utilize our facility for personal use. For more information or questions on this matter, please contact Nick Decker at nickdecker@lbcnow.org. This refundable deposit can either be given by cash, check, or card. This deposit is due before the day of your event. Once you complete all of the forms, our office will send you a link and reminder to make this refundable deposit. 
First Form: Facility Usage Request Form
  • Click here to complete this form. 
Second Form: Facility Usage Policy 
  • Click here to view and download this form.
Third form: Facility Use Agreement
  • Click here to view and download this form.
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